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First (demo)copy of our first album 'The Box'

After more than six months of hard work and lots of dedication we are more than exited to tell you that our songs are finished. And as shown on the picture, we have the first ever (demo)copy of our album 'The Box' in our hands! A big shoutout to Dennis van de Bor for making this possible for us and taking all the time he did to make this sound like we wanted it to. He has helped us a lot to achieve a milestone in our musical journey! As far for the release we will keep you up to date!

Greets Dispelled!

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Upcoming album

Hey there metal lovers and all supporters we have so far! We have some big and exciting news! We have kept it a secret for a while but we are more than excited to tell you that while you are reading this, we are working on our first album! So please share this amazing exciting message with your friends and family!

And overall, stay heavy as f*ck!
(Don't mind the groove🦆)

Greets \E/

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Den Engel

Hey Guys, A long time has past but we are happy to anounce we are going live again! This time supporting 6 Days Of Justice in Den Engel at Terneuzen, and we are ready to blow you all away with some heavy songs. So grab your bears and let's turn the stage upside down! Greets \E/

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Hey everyone,

We are heading towards another great day! September 1st we will be back again in Westdorpe and we will be playing Kreekrock! So stay tuned for more information and see you all there!

Greets, Dispelled

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Regioruis finals! Tonight at 8.00 PM

Eddie is ready? Tonight at Brogum we are going to play at the RegioRuis finals?? So come and enjoy the night with us and Qube Liesaheadband and No return? we also want to wish them the time of there life's out there! Good luck guys! And see you tonight!



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We won the Regioruis wildcard!

Last night we played at Regioruis and ...

Yeah! We won the wildcard at RegioRuis, and so we are happy to anounce that we are going to play on April 20th at the Regioruis finale!! We hope to see you there! And a big thanks to all the people who came to see us, you where amazing and we enjoyed the show!

Also we want to we want to congratulate Lies Ahead with winning!



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Old but gold, and big news!

Hello everyone,

Our bassist Wilco gave an interview to Reinier van der Wouden for a school project of his (dutch).
I'ts a bit outdated so some of the info isn't quite correct anymore.
So don't worry we will still be making metal the way we used to.
Also, Jesse decided to stay within Dispelled after our last gig at Steenworp so you'll be hearing new material at our upcoming performences.
So check out the article and hope to see you all soon



Link to the interview:

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Welcome to our new site!

This is our new site!

Here we are going to keep you updated about upcoming shows, songwriting progress and much much more. This site is still heavily under construction so there may occur any bugs and/or spelling mistakes. We hope you like it so far!




Heavy as fuck, don't mind the grooveduck!

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